Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hmm.. Just Hmm.

I dont really understand, maybe im getting forgetful in my ripe old age of nearly 34 but, it seems as if every time i have something to blog about i forget it. Has happened alot lately, so with that i guess ill just carry on with whats been going on. Enjoy!

A few weeks ago, Em and I had our first day of school. Excited I was, and she was not. We'd been planning and planning this for i really dont know how long, until registration/class room day came. Walked in the door of "the big school" (high school)  as she calls it, and she was just in awe with all the pictures, trophies, that were on the wall. I was just looking for the registration desk, to write my fat check and get the hell outta there..Technically, i am not much of a people person. Dont get me wrong, I love my circle of friends dearly, but, there is a thin line in there as well. 

We then went to lunch, nothing of any excitement, just typical Emmie food of mini corn dogs and chocolate milk.. But she was happy.. On to her "big girl school" (elementary school) We stopped to drop her stuff off in the class room. She immediately grabbed her backpack out of my hand ran to her room and without batting an eye said "bye mommy". *GASP* Not quite tears but pretty damn close. My baby is growing up, and the first thing i thought was she didnt need me anymore. I followed her in and we got her things settled, but she didnt really want to leave and was more concerned with me being there still and not just leaving her. I had the pleasure of talking to the new preschool teacher while i was there, and with her knowing Em and I from previous summer as she was telling me that she was going to be helping in the class room for a couple weeks made my heart warm. Em took such a liking to her a few summers ago, it was almost an instantaneous bond between the two. Em was stoked.

She got to talk to a few of her friends from the prior year and made some new friends along the way. However, this time her trip to the kindergarten room was going to be cut short. Last year was a struggle. A HUGE struggle for us. Being one of the youngest kids in her class, yet the size of an 8 year old, i knew in my heart that preschool was going to be a mess. Im not going to sit here and point finger at her teacher, but however i will say, she didnt help the situation much. Every day was a struggle for Em. She loved school, loved her friends, teachers, but when it came down to it, she just couldn't get it. All in all we made it through the year, lots of ups and downs but survived. Made it on to kindergarten by the skin of our teeth, and the year already started out a mess. Kicking, screaming, crying you name it... it happened here. 

So fast forwarding, I kept her Communication notebook that they passed out after christmas last year, and took it in to her teacher, said, hey use this because how else am i going to know how my kid is doing in school. And thankfully enough she gladly accepted.

Well as it was, we decided that there was a meeting that came into play about how Ems behavior was. After many trials, tribulations, and discussions the idea was made that we would put her back in pre school.. I will be honest, it really wasnt how i wanted it to go.. In fact, not at all.  But at this time i really dont know what the other option was at this point.. I mean, its almost as of things were meant to be that way.. And she was going to blossom with another year under her belt..  I guess all in all I hope I did the right thing.. I dont want her to suffer for the fact i did something she clearly didnt need. 

At any rate, its over an done.. Theres not a whole lot i can do about it now, and she loves school, thats the most important part to me.. More than anything.. <3

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