Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Oohh... I am so dense... lol

So  I know a few posts back.. which seems like forever to most of you, that I posted a price list as to what my current hat prices were. Well since the good ol' goverment is gonna sock it to us small business again, I have had to change once again the current price list.  Its the shipping that is killing me more than anything, and i would love to be able to give you a beautiful product that was inexpensive. Unfortunately, I cant send it nearly as inexpensive anymore and it really makes me sad. 

This was my price list from a year or so ago...  Id like to say in simpler times but thats not the case.
My current price list will go as follows:

Single strand (solid or striped see above) are $7.50(USD)
Double strand(same as above) $9.50(USD)
Strawberry or Solid color of heavy weight $11.50(USD)
As of February, 1st 2012 these totals do not include shipping so when ordering add $5 to your total.  is the link to my page on facebook, feel free to look comment whatever you wish. 
So since this is all happening, I have had to change it... my price increase will go up  by $5 to cover shipping costs I do regret that this has to happen but, its my only choice.  Thank you all for being so kind and patient with me during my journey. You are all great people. 

Peace Love and Flying Pigs!

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