Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Back in Action!

*Guess who's back, back again. Shady's back, tell a friend. Guess who's back, guess who's back? Guess who's back, guess who's back? Guess who's back ...*

Okay, so i'm not Eminem, nor do i really want to be..*laughs* But, after much procrastination and much encouragement from the sister(in law Jessica) here i am again, with the same horrible grammar, punctuation, and everything else as i had before.  but then again, thats what sets me aside from everyone else. :)  i'm not gonna go on and on with things that have happened over the last 10 months because we'd be here forever if i did, I will share the fact, I have made some great friends, and some enemies, and even better friends who use to be friends with the enemy.. *Laughs*  all in all the last 10 months have been highs, lows, in between, have came to terms with a lot of things as well. i feel lucky and blessed to be able to do the things that i love to do. 

So with that being said, here I am. I have worked on some more hats, and have a couple for sale if anyone is interested, please send me a facebook message located in the very first blog post where you can see my facebook hat page. I will post a couple pictures so you can see what they look like. 

Both of these are an Adult XL, so if you are the type that isnt sure what size their head is, this would be great because they run a little long and they are double stranded so they will be warm. :) 

I recently was a  postie on my friend Miss-Trisha's blog as a "Try It Tuesday" guest blogger. It came about as a project for my own home and trying to get rid of pesky gnats.  The project it self turned out great, I will post the link at the end of my session for today. If you get the chance after reading the blog go check out the other things she has on there, that is ONE TALENTED LADY folks!

Stop and check her out, shes got some pretty awesome stuff to look at, not to mention her Etsy store, that is located in the bloggish area as well! 


Peace Love and Flying Pigs!