Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Valentines day and all that other stuff that i missed.... Changes Coming Soon!!! :)

Okay folks, I am back... At least til things start happening again.. Ha.. To give you an idea, we're in the process of building a house... Kind of. Rewind to last week... The semi brings half of our house down, and gets it stuck 3 times in our drive way... decides to block it, and leave it. Which is cool, however in the length of time, he also gets the truck stuck.. Tractors to the rescue.. And its unstuck. So then it rains and rains. Then its windy.. and even windier. Ugh... So yes... with that, we have half a house.. Kitchen, dining, laundry, 2nd bathroom and 3rd bedroom/guestroom/office type thing. 

yep this is about when they got it stuck. 

 Needless to say after this picture... It only made it as far as the drive way, with enough room to get the truck out and so forth. So, this is the big news for right now.. 

In other news.....

I have 4 new hats made, 2 of which are now living in California, and 2 are in the mail to go back home. So excited I hope the girls like them when they arrive.. I'm thinking that maybe from now on I am going to actually have children's head measurements before doing a hat... I'm so afraid now of not having them fit or anything..No pics as of yet though..  Hopefully soon!   Not much more news other than that, hopefully soon i can show you pics of a completed house!

Happy Tuesday Y'all, And a Safe St. Patty's Day!

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