Sunday, February 12, 2012

Friends, Family, and Strangers that become Friends and Family

I have always been blessed, with a circle of great friends and family.. Some being strangers, that I have randomly taken in, but all the same, when the times are tough, they are all family.

So, much like have talked about in most of my writing, my snowed in Michigan friend Annie has  been planning this wedding since the beginning of the year, off to lovely weathered Texas they go... (am i jealous you ask??? YES! and i have mentioned once or twice and.. will again... TAKE ME WITH YOU..please!?!?)  So, while conversing the other night she said she was going to work on her wedding dress... Yes my friends, she is making her own wedding dress... I tell ya she can do it all, make soap, spin wool, train animals, you name it... I, however... do not have these abilities, unless, its by fluke accident. Anyway,  we were conversing, and since i do (kind of) know a little bit about sewing, we were discussing zipper placement, lacework, ribbons, flowers, etc. Since, I have already done the marriage thing, I am solely here for advice, suggestion, or input in what may work or not. Yep, folks its pretty rough.. :) The other day it got me to thinking, (something i do not too often) and was wondering if there were still any Tailors left.. You know, the old timey folks that you use to be able to go to have your pants altered etc... And say, Hey, make me a wedding dress...

Something like this:
aint it pretty??!?! mine didnt look REMOTELY close to this.

Made by someone like this:

I would settle for something like this:

Ty Pennington-- The Tailor... Yes Please!

I know that would be some encouragement to get some things going if I were in her shoes.  I havent heard of how the progress is going since, but as I imagine everything will go just fine... :)  I will keep you up to date on the progress and even get pictures if i can.

Have a Happy Monday folks!

"Marriage: Betting someone half your shit that you will love them forever."

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